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  • Why Choose Jiabaida BMS

    As the best Lithium-ion/LiFePO4 Battery management system(BMS) manufacturer in China, with more than 30 R&D engineers, 40 sales elites, JiaBaiDa BMS adhere providing the qualified products to our customers with the best service, stick to our mission: Protecting the Lithium battery safely.

  • What Is BMS

    BMS is the Battery management system, normally for the lithium battery. It can monitor the battery status in real time, manage the on-board power battery, enhance the efficiency of the battery, prevent the battery from being overcharged and overdischarged, and improve the service life of the battery.

  • How To Select BMS For battery

    First, You should check the quantity of your cells, its specification, like the battery current and vlotage.

    Then, be clear of what functions do you need for your battery, for example, Bluetooth, LED etc.

    Then you could reach us for BMS model selection.

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Jiabaida Company Profile

JBD BMS, a Lithium(Li-ion/LiFePO4) battery management system(BMS) supplier and manufacturer. Integrating research & development, production, sales and service with an annual output value of over 400 million dollars, annual shipments exceeding 5 million units, and 40+ patents and inventions.

We have successfully developed and produced more than 60 kinds of hardware boards and 30 kinds of Smart BMS.

This product battery assembly series covers 3~32 series, working current up to 300A lithium battery protection management system.

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1. Broad market includes 44 countries and regions and get well received.

2. Steadily guratee to ship the parcel and make sure good service quality.

3. Abundant productions and support the sample or the customized production if assess feasible.

4. Favorable price and detailed craftsmanship to satisfy more people's requirments. Good quality to make your battery healthy.

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